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Blending Herbs

Our Blending herbs are all flowers (blossoms & petals), dried fruit, barks and plants that you can infuse on their own of you can combine with another tea to enhance their flavour. We carefully bring these blending ingredients from around the world to your cup. Each blending herb has nutritive and medicinal components that will benefit your body and nourish your soul.
  • Bamboo Green Leaves 250GR

    Bamboo Green Leaves 250GR

    From: $17.00
  • Chamomile Blossoms

    Chamomile Blossoms

    From: $14.00
  • Chrysanthemum Flowers 250GR

    Chrysanthemum Flowers 250GR

    From: $20.00
  • Cornflower Blossoms 250GR

    Cornflower Blossoms 250GR

    From: $20.00
  • Fennel


    From: $12.00
  • Freeze Dried Manitoba Rasperries 500GR

    Freeze Dried Manitoba Rasperries 500GR

    From: $20.00
  • Heather Blossoms 500GR

    Heather Blossoms 500GR

    From: $17.00
  • Hibiscus Blossoms

    Hibiscus Blossoms

    From: $12.00
  • Jasmine Buds 500GR

    Jasmine Buds 500GR

    From: $17.00
  • Jasmine Flowers 250GR

    Jasmine Flowers 250GR

    From: $25.00
  • Lapacho 'Matto Grosso'

    Lapacho 'Matto Grosso'

    From: $12.00
  • Lavender Blossoms 500GR

    Lavender Blossoms 500GR

    From: $17.00
  • Lemon Balm 500GR

    Lemon Balm 500GR

    From: $20.00
  • Lemon Grass 500GR

    Lemon Grass 500GR

    From: $12.00
  • Marigold Blossoms 250GR

    Marigold Blossoms 250GR

    From: $20.00
  • Peppermint Organic

    Peppermint Organic

    From: $15.00
  • Pussywillow Blossoms 250GR

    Pussywillow Blossoms 250GR

    From: $20.00
  • Raspberry Leaves 500GR

    Raspberry Leaves 500GR

    From: $14.00
  • Red Peppercorn 250GR

    Red Peppercorn 250GR

    From: $20.00
  • Safflower Petals 500GR

    Safflower Petals 500GR

    From: $17.00
  • Spearmint Organic

    Spearmint Organic

    From: $12.00
  • Sunflower Blossoms 250GR

    Sunflower Blossoms 250GR

    From: $20.00