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Chai is a word for tea in numerous languages, derived from the Mandarin Chinese chá. Chai is also use for any blend of a base tea or tisane and herbs and spices, most commonly use are cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and pepper. The most popular and traditional Chai is the Black Chai, originated in India, but due to the increasingly popularity of this tea, there are many new versions of Chai tea. We have come out with some excellent blend versions for the traditional Chai. We know you will love them!
  • Green Tea 'Chai'

    Green Tea 'Chai'

    From: $12.00
  • Rooibos Tea 'Chai Vanilla'

    Rooibos Tea 'Chai Vanilla'

    From: $14.00
  • Rooibos Tea 'Chai'

    Rooibos Tea 'Chai'

    From: $14.00