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Oolong teas are somewhere between green tea and black tea in oxidation. They are processed in two different ways; some are rolled into curly leaves, while some are pressed into a ball-like form. Some research shows that Oolong Teas can help your body to burn fat for energy. Oolong teas are great even after multiple steepings, so you could drink it all day and drink their benefits all day long. We recommend you steep your Oolong tea between 2-4 minutes for the first time, and not worry about the next times you re infused your leaves.
  • China Oolong 'Sweet Seduction'

    From: $17.00
  • Formosa Oolong 'Dung Ti'

    Formosa Oolong 'Dung Ti'

    From: $17.00
  • Formosa Oolong 'Spring Dragon'

    Formosa Oolong 'Spring Dragon'

    From: $17.00
  • Formosa Oolong 'Tung Ting'

    Formosa Oolong 'Tung Ting'

    From: $17.00
  • Oolong 'Alishan'

    Oolong 'Alishan'

    From: $15.00
  • Oolong 'Amber'

    Oolong 'Amber'

    From: $17.00
  • Oolong 'Blue Peacock'

    Oolong 'Blue Peacock'

    From: $17.00
  • Oolong 'Earl Grey'

    Oolong 'Earl Grey'

    From: $14.00
  • Oolong 'GABA'

    Oolong 'GABA'

    From: $17.00
  • Oolong 'Ginseng'

    Oolong 'Ginseng'

    From: $15.00
  • Oolong 'Oriental Beauty'

    Oolong 'Oriental Beauty'

    From: $20.00
  • Oolong 'Osmanthus'

    Oolong 'Osmanthus'

    From: $17.00
  • Oolong 'Phoenix Bird Select'

    Oolong 'Phoenix Bird Select'

    From: $17.00
  • Oolong 'Spring Pouchong'

    Oolong 'Spring Pouchong'

    From: $17.00
  • Oolong 'Ti-Kuan-Yin Heavy Baked'

    Oolong 'Ti-Kuan-Yin Heavy Baked'

    From: $17.00
  • Oolong 'Wuyi'

    Oolong 'Wuyi'

    From: $14.00